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Important Contacts in DAE Secretariat:
Anushakti Bhavan, C.S.M. Marg,
Mumbai - 400 001, India

Dr. Sekhar Basu
Chairman AEC and Secretary DAE

Secretariat Support Section: (Country code: 91 Area code: 22): 22862702, Fax: 22048476

Public Relations Officer, DAE: (Country code: 91 Area code: 22) 22022439/22862512


Crisis Management Group, DAE- (Contact for Radiological Emergency in public domain)

Emergency Control Room: +91-22-22023978/22021714 email: 

Standby Emergency Control Room: +91-22-25515283/25591070 email:

 Click here for Information Officers under RTI       DAE Email directory

Name Designation Phone
STD: 022
Abhay Kumar Deputy Secretary (Finance) 22022715
Vacant Inspector General (Security) 22862561
Anupam Sharma  OSD, Delhi Branch Secretariat 011-23014587
Arun Srivastava Secretary, AEC and Head Institutional Collaboration and Programs Divn 22862550
Balasubramaniam R. Head, Management Services Group 22862508
Basu Sekhar Dr Chairman Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary, DAE 22022543
Chaurasia Ritesh Member MSG 22862699
Chetram Singh Joint Controller of Finance and Accounts 22862523
Vacant Joint Secretary (R&D) 22022492
Gangotra S. Head SSSD, NCPW  22862798
Ghag C.D Chief Security Officer  22862539
Joshi M.N Joint Director (Official Languages)  22862534
Jitendra Kumar Legal Adviser  22862538
Kalyani V Smt Budget and Planning Officer  22027966
Krishnan N.G Deputy Secretary (R&D) 22862516
Mathew M John Under Secretary (Admn)  22026932
Mervin Alexander S Joint Secretary (Administration and Accounts)  22022816
Mishra R.K. Member Secretary, Crisis Management Group (CMG)  22862558
Nawada H. P. Scientific Officer NCPW  22862549
Vacant Joint Secretary (Branch Secretariat) South Block N. Delhi  011-23014587
Padmakumar S Scientific Officer, NCPW  22862565
Padmanabhan K Deputy Legal Advisor  22876459
Pranay Verma Joint Secretary (External Relations)  22027815
Rajeev R A Joint Secretary Finance  22023896
Ranajit Kumar Head NCPW  22043041
Ravi Shankar Head Public Awareness Division  22024429
Sankuntala T. Dr. Smt Scientific Officer NCPW  22862597
Sharma Garima Dr (Smt)  Scientific Officer NCPW  22862689
Sood Sanjeev Joint Secretary, I&M  22840309
Sorabh Babu Director Power  22862531
Sridharan M Chief Controller of Accounts, DAE  22862524
Vandita Sharma Smt

Member Finance DAE

Vacant Director (Administration)   22862530
Stephen Mervin Alexander Joint Secretary (Administration and Accounts) 22022816
Vijayaraghavan N Deputy Secretary (I&M) 22862535
Viswanadham C S Scientific Officer NCPW  22885275

 Grievance Officer:
(Information provided as per the order of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions)

Joint Secretary (Administration and Accounts), Dept. of Atomic Energy, Government of India.
Telephone: Office: +91-22-2202 2816 Fax: +91-22-2204 8476/+91-22-22026728

 Web Information Manager, DAE: R. Balasubramaniam, MSG DAE Phone: 022-22043584 (Web Information Manager, DAE can be contacted for any queries with respect to this website)

 Office Address:
Anushakti Bhavan,
Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Marg,
Mumbai - 400 001