Webserver Date: 21-August-2019

Distinguished Scientist Shri Amitava Roy honoured



The President of India has conferred the Padma Shri on Shri Amitava Roy in recognition of his distinguished service in the field of Science & Engineering at a Civil Investiture Ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on March 20, 2018.


Shri Roy’s specialization is spent fuel reprocessing and radioactive nuclear waste management. Shri Roy is one of the architects of India’s successful Nuclear Recycle Program, which is vital to the expansion of nuclear power and national security of the country. He was assigned the responsibility of designing the India’s largest Nuclear Recycle Plant at Kalpakkam, which he accomplished successfully. As Project Director and Facility Director, Shri Roy constructed and successfully commissioned the first integrated Nuclear Recycle Plant at Kalpakkam, which included Waste Immobilization Plant (WIP) for the management of radioactive nuclear waste. The outstanding performance of WIP, which was fully indigenous and technologically challenging, has demonstrated India’s capability of management of all types of radioactive nuclear waste.


Shri Roy held the position of Chief Executive of Nuclear Recycle Board till July, 2017. Under his leadership, construction of the mega project ‘Integrated Nuclear Recycle Plant’ at Tarapur commenced.


Shri Roy played a pivotal role for India to achieve the capability of design, construction, commissioning and operation of industrial scale Nuclear Recycle Facilities. Under his leadership as Chief Executive, the Recycle Plants performed exceedingly well meeting the requirements of supplying the nuclear fuel for India’s second stage of nuclear power program, which is a step toward ensuring the energy security of the nation in a sustainable manner and meeting India’s clean energy commitments.